Bergen Industries, Inc.

Bergen Quality

  • Bergen has been perfecting quality in its products since 1973 and uses only the finest raw materials to construct its products.
  • Bergen’s String Lights and Cages are the toughest, most durable units on the market and will endure multiple re-lamping and construction projects.
  • Bergen’s Tube Guards are made with quality polycarbonate material to ensure that you get the cleanest, clearest, streak free tubes in the industry.

Bergen Service

  • Bergen has two company warehouses as well as 12 Rep warehouses to quick ship any standard product.
  • Bergen maintains a comprehensive inventory in its two company warehouses to include UV, Color and Matrix Tube Guards
  • Bergen will ship any standard product same day or next day to any location in the United States.
  • Bergen has the ability to make custom string light constructions by manufacturing to specified lengths, modifying socket placements and changing wire color and types. Units can be designed, manufactured and shipped in just a few days to get your sites lit.

Bergen Convenience

  • Bergen’s Temporary Lights are packed in a compact 19” x 19” x 5” box with a specially designed “Easy Carry” handle, which makes it easy to grab and go and dramatically reduces required warehouse space.
  • Bergen provides Point of Purchase Banners, N.E. Code flyers for contractors and product samples to aide distributor’s sales and marketing efforts.

Bergen Warranty

  • Bergen guarantees that its products are free from material and workmanship defect when under the normal use for which it was intended.
  • Bergen will replace any product proven defective within 1 year of the date of sale. Next time you need Tube Guards or Temp Lights, make the “Better Buy” and choose Bergen!

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